Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's All In The Name

Sara is writing her own name. It melts my heart that it was Dave that started to teach her. I came home from volunteering in Kate's class one day and he and Sara had been playing school. She is pointing out the letters in her name everywhere she sees them. And just the other night she wrote her name all by herself:

-no copying
-no help with the crayon
-no guiding at all


We were dully excited for her of course. She is barely over 3 and is writing her name!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your name, you are so cute and smart, keep going to family school you will learn some amazing things.
Love you tons,
Grandma D.

Nicole said...

Oh, and she did such a great job! Way to go, Sara!

Sara said...

That is VERY exciting!

Anonymous said...

Sara, you are growing so fast and learning important things; soon you will be going to school like your brother and sisters!!