Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knotts Berry Farm

Can you believe I haven't taken our kids to an amusement park in years!!! I think the last time was when we were living in California in 2005. We went once to Disney Land when Kate was a baby. We have been to Great Wolf Lodge and Wild Waves up here in Washington but nothing major. Grandma mentioned that it might be fun to do that with the kids while we were visiting. I was VERY surprised. It is not Grandma Wilcox's thing to walk all over amusement parks. It hurts her feet which in the past few years have been through some major trauma.

We looked into Sea World and Knotts and decided because Knotts was so close it would be perfect. And we thought that with Uncle Mike's military discount we would be in almost free. Well the discount was a total bust. When I looked up the info on line there were not any dates on the page. Apparently they only offer the discount we were expecting once a year, some time in the fall. It was a total bummer and I felt like a complete looser.

Any how...after that rather unhappy beginning we headed into the park. We had Liz and Mike's kids with us and the cousins made it perfect. We let the big kids go off on their own which is why I don't have pictures of them. Except this one.
Poor Kate, I thought she would be surely tall enough to go on this ride. She wasn't and it was so sad. She is about an inch shorter than Claire and Warren. And so she had to be a really good sport as they went off to play with the big kids and she was stuck with the younger kids. I think though that since Kate is so cautious she was just fine with the rides, but missed the company of Claire and Warren!

After an hour the big kid crew came back so we could all have lunch. This is how Emily and Chase looked. I swear you would have thought they weren't having an of fun. They sat sulking totally exhausted. My poor rain children didn't know how to handle the scalding 80 degree day;-)
We drenched them and then they perked right up. Emily and Chase spent the rest of the day soaking wet. Occasionally wanking right through a fountain, shoes and all, to add to there wet protective layer.

My favorite part of the whole day was watching Sara. She is so expressive. Everyone should be expressive I think. It is so much more fun to watch some one out of their mind happy when they know how to show it. With Sara you always know. Sometimes it is no fun, like today as I'm writing this post and Sara isn't feeling well. I was counting down until nap time when I would be saved from the moaning crying beast that she becomes when she is sick. But on days like this one when she is happy, it makes you happy. She smiled all day long. It made my day!


Anonymous said...

Fun shots, glad they all had a good time, is Chase missing a shoe there?

Jennifer said...

Naturally Chase loosened his shoe laces so that his shoes would fly off during the ride! Doesn't every one do that?!?!?