Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sara is a Sunbeam!

This post is major delayed!!! I have had it sitting saved here in blogger for forever, waiting for a picture!
Sara is a Sunbeam! I was a little anxious about the first of January. Sara LOVES nursery! She has the most wonderful teachers. They are serious super stars in her little eyes. She will leave my lap the minute she sees them to go and sit with them. She counts down until Sundays when she gets to go to nursery and play with her friends. And Sacrament is just a means to an end. The minute the bread and water have been passed she is asking if it is time yet. So as the time for her to start Primary got closer and closer I stared to worry she was going to really resist leaving the nursery!

The first Sunday of the year came and went and there were no problems. Sara was beside herself with excitement. I had totally dropped the ball and in spite of that she was still excited to be a sunbeam. Usually we have a special FHE for our future sunbeams where we learn the song, make sun shaped jello jigglers, talk about being a big kid and sitting reverently and so on. I spaced it and we never had that special celebration lesson. But somehow on that first Sunday she was just as excited as I wanted her to be. She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the row where her best friend Olaiah was sitting and then together we all walked off to go to primary. Those two cute girls were smiling ear to ear. I couldn't help but to be super happy for them. She has had a whole month now of primary and she loves it.

It warms my heart to hear her humming all the new primary songs she is learning. She knows all the tunes and is working to know all the right words. As we load up in the car to go home after church she is always excitedly rattling off all the things she has learned in her class. Her teacher, Sister Ward, is gentle and kind. Yesterday I watched Sara bashfully tiptoe up to her, hands bawled up in a first by her face. I knew that she nervously hoped that without asking her teacher, who's lap was empty at the time, would scoop her up without being asked. She did. In a quiet and loving way she scooped her up in her arms and Sara sat smiling for the rest of sharing time. Like I said..heart warming!

So Sara is a SUNBEAM! And she is so happy!


Anonymous said...

You are the poster child for "Sunbeams", with your can do spirit, and totally awesome smile, I hope you contintue to love Primary and singing, as much as Grandma loves you.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

Fun picture. I'm glad she loves it. Poor Becca wasn't as thrilled...

Anonymous said...

Young Womens is right around the corner.... then boys.

Anonymous said...

hey this is your friend kaitlyn i love the picture and i am so happy for Sara!!!!!!!!!