Sunday, January 27, 2013


This is Sara in her yellow Hello Kitty wedding dress getting married to Nathan, the man of her dreams.  Notice the heart shaped clouds and fireworks up in the sky.  And the heart the depicts their great love for each other.  She says the thing on the right is her rainbow wedding cake!  Nathan (poor unsuspecting boy) was in her preschool class last year.  She hasn't seen him since June last year.  Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder!  This little lady is OBSESSED.  She talks about him all the time.  I will have to start writing down all the wedding, dating and loved themed questions she asks me everyday.

On the one hand I think it is so cute.  And on the other it stresses me out that she is so into "Girl" stuff.  I don't know how we will survive the teenage years.  She is definitely going to be a handful and a lot harder to raise than her sisters!

Here is another rendition of her wedding scene   Same as above but without the Hello Kitty wedding dress.  Apparently she has refined her taste and settled on the Hello Kitty dress.  I kind of like the rainbow dress;-)

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You are so funny, and talented.