Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dave Is 39!!!!

Happy birthday to Dave.  He is one year away from that great big dreaded 40!!!!  I can't believe we are getting so old!  We had a "dental celebration" for his birthday this year seeing as he just started at his own practice;-)  The girls and I had a bunch of fun making this cake.  And no it did not take 3 hours and cost more than it should (why is fondant so expensive???).  Turns out that Emily is quite the sculptor!  She did a really good job sculpting teeth for me.  We re-wardrobe Dad for his birthday this year.  I want him to feel super spiffy starting at his new practice.

Next years cake will have to be something like a car driving up a road and not quite making it over the hill...

Sara's Birthday wish for Dad - "I wish that he could be a good dentist."
Kate's Birthday wish for Dad - "That he will have a fun time at his new job in Gig Harbor."
Emily's Birthday wish for Dad - "I hope that you will have more time to spend with us now that you are only working at one place."
Chase's Birthday wish for Dad - "I hope your new business goes well."
My Birthday wish for Dave - "That this year, with all of it's changes will be a good and happy one."

Happy Birthday Dave;-)


Anonymous said...

That is one great cake, how talented you are!

Anonymous said...

Next year have Jon mail Dave the Special 40 T shirt.