Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sara Celebrates 5 Majestically

Officially this her birthday was last year of course.  But since we celebrated it with her party on the 29th it gets to be the first event I get to blog about in 2012;-)  Ever since we moved to Puyallup and I found out about A Simple Wish ( a girls party boutique) I knew that I HAD to have a party for Sara there.  I waited until she was full swing into her princess obsession and old enough to hopefully remember every magical moment.  Turning 5 is such a big mile stone, I thought this year would be perfect.

One of the things that I love about Sara is her love for make believe.  She has been taught well by her big sisters.  But unlike Emily and Kate, Sara LOVES princesses.  She loves dolls, babies and any Disney movie with a beautifully dressed heroine;-)  I knew a party centered around dress up, tea parties and dancing would be perfect.

Sara is so much fun to do special things for because she is so expressive.  It is such a treat to see her busting into huge smiles, her smiley eyes twinkling.  I love watching her enjoy herself.  Watching her at her party and taking pictures was so much fun because I knew EVERY moment was magical to her.  From the moment Cinderella made her surprise appearance, to getting to dance with her favorite princess and then dance with her Dad, every little part of this perfect party was MAGICAL!

This is one of my favorites.  She had no idea.  I love that she gasped with excitement!  And Cinderella was a perfectly charming, everything little girls dream of, party guest!

Cinderella took Sara back into the dressing room and pick out a beautiful gown for her to wear.  Then she did Sara's hair complete with a dusting of pixie dust and finished her look off with some very fancy accessories.

Another of my favorite moments from the evening.  The girls were all dancing with Cinderella and Sara looked over her shoulder at me with a look of pure happiness.  I started to cry.  Right then and there.  Every girl should be able to feel like they are a princess caught up in an enchanting moment!

Dancing with her Dad.  This girl was in pure bliss!

If you want to see the rest of the pictures from her birthday including pictures of her with all of her wonderful friends, check out the slide show here!

Happy birthday to my little princess!


Anonymous said...

What a special party for such a sweet little girl, something she will remember foever.

Anonymous said...

Our little Sara looks so... Happy ever after! Glad she had fun.