Sunday, April 14, 2013


 I took the kids up to the Science Center in Seattle this last week as a grand finale to their Spring Break.  We haven't been since last summer.  I always regret not using my pass more.  We love going.  Our favorite thing to do is to visit the butterfly green house.  It was so crowded this time though.  But we were rewarded for braving the crowds with this beauty.  We have never seen anything like this green one before.  It was still drying out it was so new.  I had to photograph it from far away over lots of shoulders   I HATE crowds.
 I was super happy with this shot too.  These little guys are the busiest of them all and hardly ever hold still for more than a second.
 As I was trying to get my friend Afsi's little one to give butterflies a chance (she was terrified) Emily came up to me like this.  The butterfly landed right there on her face.  I love her eyes.  It was too funny.  In the background there you can see Jennifer Thompson.  She is the mom of one of Emily's very best friends.  It was such a crazy coincidence meeting there family there on such a busy day.
Emily had me cracking up.  She was making the funniest faces.  She might not have a boyfriend yet, or anywhere in the near future, but this little guy was totally in love.  And who wouldn't be.  Look at the cute girl!  (you can see her red "jello" ends on her hair - left overs from crazy hair day)


Anonymous said...

Emily it doesn't surprize me a bit, butterflies are attracted to beautiful.

Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Don't grow up anymore until I see you in July!!! Great smile!

Nicole said...

I hear the one on Emily's cheek is attracted to blue. Maybe it liked her shirt.

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