Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling Really Blessed

I always hit the computer one last time before I hit the bed. And as I sat here it hit me just how really blessed I feel. Who knows why it hit while starring at the computer screen, but never the less. As I look at life "now" I can think of so many things that I am sooooo grateful for. Here are some things that come to mind:

- our "long-distance" family, I know how happy Dave is to visit his family every month. I am so glad that his big brother's family just happened to be there for an impromptu trip. I am so grateful full them and for my own family for the being so great to us. For letters and packages that mean so much to my children (and me in turn). For brownies in the mail. For everything.
- the greatest friends a person could wish for, we live in a neighborhood and ward where we have to meet in rented rooms to invite everyone. We can do something with different people every week and still miss out on the companionship of others. For friends who have been there since the beginning when things were harder and still though miles and miles away care about us and what we are up to. For vacation plans with friends. For friends that share their talents and inspire me to try new things and excel at old hobbies. For friends who constantly have kind things to say and are teaching me to accept compliments better. I love you all so much!
- for beautiful weather today and a state that always inspires me, I was out today taking pictures of butterflies and walking the dog and as always I can't keep but think about what a kind Heavenly Father I have for making such a wonderful Earth for me. I am so thankful he sent Dave and I here. I fall in love with Washington more and more every day. Aside from my love for my Heavenly Father and Family I think Washington comes next (maybe chocolate). I love visiting the farms in the fall and the crisp Autumn air on my cheeks when I'm out. What a blessing, for me at least, that we are still here.
- for my children, not so much these last two days (naughty, naughty, naughty) but they are so wonderful. I look at them sometimes and think a few things: how did they get to be so darn good looking (all from Dad), they have such beautiful smiles and really can pierce me deep down with their tenderness when they are sweet, and they are just so full of life. Rowdy but imaginative. For a baby in our home, what a blessing she is. For good helpers and eager learners. I hope they know how much I love them. Like that Garth Brooks song, "If tomorrow never comes" ...will they know... (thank goodness for tomorrow)
- for good health, I am so grateful for this blessing. Thankful that as yet the Lord hasn't seen the need to challenge me there. A family of six and everyone is healthy and well...that's a miracle.
- for my calling at church, does it get any better than being an achievement day leader. I have such a sweet group of girls. I really look forward to every meeting we have. I want to be the best I can be so that when they are women and fulfilling their various callings in life they will remember me and love me. Is that vain? Even so I want to have been a positive influence on their lives so that they will remember, like I will the leaders who truly tried to reach out to me.
- for my home, yes I wish it had one more bedroom, a "me" space and a family room...but I love it. I love that I have finally found a way to decorate it in a way that it brings me peace. Where ever I am (except Chase's room which totally needs paint) I can look around and sigh with happiness at how much it feels like home.
- and most importantly for my husband, who I just love so dang much. He is just so wonderful to me. I think we make a pretty great team. I miss you... (he's in California for the week).


Sarah said...

You're sweet Jennifer. I bet that felt really good to type out--we could all benefit from a little more gratitude. Thanks for sharing a slice of sunshine from your neck of the woods!

Nicole said...

You do have really good looking kids!

Familia Bethers said...

I couldn't agree with you more Jennifer! I think if we don't stop to appreciate the blessings in our lives every so often, we become totally ungrateful and spoiled. Thanks for sharing with us. By the way, you were made for achievement day leader! Perfect :)

Sarah said...

Yeah, Jen, Gav is doing PKU. Do you know anything about it? Supposedly the pain factor has gotten a lot better in recent years with new meds. Let's hope so, b/c my sweet hubby doesn't have a very high pain tolerance. And I don't have a high whining tolerance. =)

Anonymous said...

Good job Jenny. I am proud of you. Just think, you are entering the fun years with your kids. Have a great Sunday.
Tucson Grandpa

Daniel said...

Great post! I love when that feeling comes and we should all work harder to feel that way more often. The difficult thing, at least for me, is to grasp the truth that feeling that way, and feeling the opposite for that matter, is a choice. We can choose to feel that way continually, but it requires a great deal of sacrifice that be worthy of it. Once again, thank you!