Sunday, October 26, 2008

Steilacoom Apple Squeeze - A History

I know that it has been several weeks, but I can't believe I forgot to post about one of our favorite family traditions. Every year we love to celebrate the beginning of Fall by going to the Apple Squeeze in Steilacoom. This year was no different. We kept all the cider for ourselves though instead of freezing it and sending both sets of Grandparents some this year. (Grandma Wilcox in California got hers a month late last year and totally fermented even though I paid to mail it priority...)

This was our third year. We missed it by a day or two on our way out of Washington in 2005 and then missed it again by a few days before moving back in 2006.

Dave thought it would be fun to post pictures of the three years we have gone to see how the kids have changed. I can't find a family picture each year. (I should be shot...) so here are pictures of Chase through the ages.




PS...yes I like to buy Chase red striped shirts (bought at the same place too)!


a loving family member said...

Boy did I miss the apple cider this year.

blaire said...

i need to do the apple sqeeze. i've never done here and i looks like fun. i like chases shirts too:)

Nicole said...

Wow- Chase sure was young the first time... You messed up- fine to send Grandma Wilcox's cider priority- but you should have send Grandma DeWitt's slow boat to China then back again to Tucson) she would have really enjoyed that...

Daniel said...

I bet Chase can turn that thing faster than Dave. Just an observation. (This comment is meant for Dave to read, btw).