Sunday, October 26, 2008

Terry's Berries

We tried something new last week (so far behind in posts). We went apple picking. I thought it would be like climbing up in trees to pick apples. But I guess apple tree aren't very tall and are kind of droopy. So, although it was not what we expected we all had fun filling our buckets with yummy apples and trying to find the shiniest red ones. We now have a huge box full of apples. It is still in our car...and now whenever we are traveling the kids reach back into the trunk for a yummy apple snack. Pretty convenient.

I had lots of fun trying to improve my photography skills and snapped away most of the time. If you would like to check our some of my shots check them out here...

PS...Sara LOVES apples!


Honeycombs said...

This is the farm that we do the farm share with for the summer. We have not been very good at picking up our share for the last two weeks, but it has been pretty fun. The kids did love picking the apples and making the cider.

Nicole said...

When we did that a couple years ago, we had SO MANY apples- I didn;t know what to do with them- but I mae (and froze) apple bread- it is one of my favorite yummy breads now.