Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chase Is In Sixth Grade!

In Chase's words:

Well, when Mom woke me up I really didn't want to wake up. When I got up we had breakfast. We had to get ready quickly and leave because now we have to drive all the way to Puyallup. Dad took the morning off of work so that he could come with us to see us off to school.

My teacher's name is Mrs. Olson. She is really nice. She gives out a whole lot of homework. One of the really cool things about my school is that the lunch is in our classroom with our teacher. After lunch we don't have really much time because on some days we have to leave right to PE. Another things that I like about the new school is that the recess monitors are really nice. There are two big playgrounds, a soccer field, two basketball courts and a kickball field.

She assigns a whole lot of work. On our first day we had to do two one page essays. When I got in the car I told my Mom that my arm hurt. I said, "Mom, I worked so hard that it hurt! I am totally going to be ready for BYU!"

Mom took us to the Sweet Stop at our new mall after school. We got to pick out a whole bunch of candy. I got candy Lego's and gummy snakes (which are still in my candy storage).

I really like my new school. I still need to get used to getting up early though.

Chase's King of the day list:

1.Magelby's french toast and syrup for breakfast
2.Check out Percy Jackson book 3 from the library
3.Charlie's Safari
4.Go to a movie (G force)
5.Have a sleep over with Hunter
6.KFC and angel hair pasta for dinner
7.A cookie cake for dessert


Anonymous said...

Emily, I am so proud of you. I like your outfit. I think that 4th grade was my favorite year ever.
Tucson Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

You look so grown up. You are really getting tall. I am happy you like your school and had a great "King of the Day" day.
Keep up the good work, all that writting and reading will pay off in a big way some day.
Love you tons and tons
Grandma D

sallie said...

I can't believe how tall Chase looks-Remember who you are you cute boy and don't forget to CTR. 6th grade and on is where things can get a little scary-you make sure to do what you're supposed to and you will always be the great kid I love

Nicole said...

Lunch in the classroom- that is different. Chase, I had a virology course that required mega writing in one hour for the exams- I wrote so fast my paper smoked. I actually had to give my right arm a break and write with my left for a while and I am not even close to ambidextrous).