Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Emily Is In Fourth Grade!

In Emily's words:

Getting ready for school was very hard because I had to work up early. Picking out my clothes was fun because I got to pick them. I was really excited to wear my new clothes because Mom didn't let me wear them all summer. I picked this outfit because I like jean jackets.

School is really, really cool. My teacher's name is Mrs. Gruver and she is super nice. She is so nice she even brings in her dog to visit and lets us bring our pets in. My class is really small. There are only 23 kids. Mrs. Gruver does a lot of fun things. She lets us do art sometimes. She doesn't just do math the whole day, she tells us funny stories about her dog Daisey.

My first day was really, really awesome. It was awesome because Mrs. Gruver told us we could still have snack in 4rth grade. We also get to eat lunch in the classroom.

We get to do this thing where we all get a turn to be star student. We can bring in our pets, have lunch with a friend at school and we get to bring in stuff from home that we made and tell everyone about it.

This year is going to be really fun because Mrs. Gruver is not just into math.

PS As you can see I do not like math...

Emily's Queen of the day list:
1.Blueberry muffins and Orange Julius for breakfast
2.Go to Cute Nails to have my nails painted
3.Go to the Zoo and have a picnic lunch
4.Take a walk in the forest
5.Do an art and craft (shrinky Dinks)
6.Chicken Curry for dinner
7.Rent a movie (The Shaggy Dog)
8.Have Mom put curlers in my hair

*Emily had to change her plan a little bit because we had such a rainy day. Instead of the Zoo we went to Chucky Cheese and she got 75 tokens to spend in the arcade. We didn't get to take that walk in the forest either.


Anonymous said...

I am excited that you liked your first day of school. You need to learn that math stuff and that way you can help Grandpa keep score when we come and play cards with your Mom and Dad.
Tucson Grandpa

Anonymous said...

You look sooooo adorable, you are one really sweet girl. I am happy you love your school, and I hope that you will make great friends there. I know math can be hard but hey you have an aunt Meghan that can help you with the hard stuff. Keep working hard it will all pay off some day.
Love you with all of my heart,
Grandma D

sallie said...

Emily you are beautiful and sunshine together. I loved seeing you this summer. Have a great school year!