Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Katie Is In Kindergarten!

In Katie's words:

I got to go school clothes shopping with Mom. It made me really excited to go to school because I really loved my dress. I even want to wear it again and again. I even have really soft and slippery boots. I really love them because I can slip and slide on them. Ms. Judy did my hair in pretty braids. I got to watch TV it was a really silly show.

I was really excited about my first day of school because I was going to be in kindergarten and I've always just been in preschool. I got to do one of my favorite things in there. We did some math. We did 2 +2 stuff. Then we got to draw and that is my favorite thing.

I made one new friend. She is always really, really nice. Especially when I go to the snack table. When I want to talk to her she lets me talk to her. My friends name is Lizbeth.

Ms. Amsden is really nice. She even called me up to pick up a prize because I got five green cards. I got to go up first. I was really happy because I got to go up first.

I loved getting in line to go home and see my Mom!

Katie's Queen of the day list:

  1. 1.IHOP for breakfast
  2. 2.Jack and Jill's for a hair cut
  3. 3.Great Wolf Lodge
  4. 4.Magi-quest
  5. 5.Pizza for dinner
  6. 6.A special dessert
  7. 7.A bubble bath

*Kate has been planning her special Queen of the ever since Chase and Emily did theirs last year and she realized that she would start school the next year and finally have a turn!


Anonymous said...

Just keep Great Grandpa busy. He was so excited when you went to visit him!
Tucson Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Words can not describe how totally awesome and cute you are. You always make me smile! I am so happy that you FINALLY!!! got to be queen for a day, how fun. You are growing up so fast and doing so many big things. You have a special place in my heart.
Grandma D

sallie said...

How's my second favorite kindergatener-Aiden has to be my favorite by law-Do you love your teacher? Is she nice-well, you look adorable. So many fun things are gonna happen this year-the will learn to read! That will make you happy for ever!

Nicole said...

Good job on getting your green cards. You probably were so excited to start Kindergarten that you couldn't help but get the first prize.