Monday, September 14, 2009

Creativity and Imagination

This is what you get when you marry imagination and creativity. This is Emily and her friend Kait doing what they do best. Emily calls it "arts and crafts" but it is more than that. Emily brings to the table a wild imagination and Kait takes that and puts her creativity to work on it and this is what you get.

The girls spent hours at Kait's house. I am sure that many rolls of aluminum foil were used to create these space helmets.

These two girls are just the perfect compliment. It goes further than arts and crafts too. Their personalities are also a perfect blend. Emily is adventures and spunky and Kaitlyn is smart and responsible. They are good for each other. So glad for good friends.

One of a kind moon boots...


Anonymous said...

What fun crafts, and what a blessing to have good friends, looks like Emily's friend has recovered well, happy for that. Love ya
Grandma D

Nicole said...

Love the boots.