Sunday, November 1, 2009

Burning The Midnight Oil

This evening Dave and I found Emily asleep at her work. We went up to tuck in the kids before heading to bed ourselves. (and we stay up 11:00-12:00) As we came to the top of the stairs I laughed as I caught Emily asleep at their work table out of the corner of my eye. Her pages were strewn across the table. She had draped multiple blankets over herself to keep warm. And she still had pencil in hand mid word, frozen as sleep overtook her.

Emily has become a writer. This year she has really grown into a wonderful story teller. And lucky for her, Mrs. Gruver, her teacher, is really into writing too. It seems like every week Emily has been writing a new story. Where most kids stop at a page or two; Emily's stories go on for pages and pages. This story that we caught her working on late into the night was eleven pages!

I love watching her grow as a writer. Her since of humor is really developing and I actually enjoy and sometimes even laugh to myself while reading her work. As she matures I hope she will learn to separate her wonderful since of humor from silliness (the bane of motherhood).

Her latest work was my favorite. It was full of excellent sarcastic humor. When she gets it back from her teacher I will post it for everyone to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh Emily,
It does this Grandma good to see you so dedicated to something. I laughed when I saw your picture, thanks for making my day happy. I can't wait to read some of the things you have written.
Grandma D

Andrea said...

It's so exciting to see kids really enjoying something that can help them develop in so many ways. I can hardly wait to read a story.

sallie said...

I love it! Dave needs to illustrate one of her stories...that would be such a treasure!