Monday, November 2, 2009


by Emily Wilcox

Do you own a stuffed animal? There are many reasons why Cocoa is important to me. First, Cocoa is quiet. My sister, Katie, is a chatter-box. That is a huge reason I like Cocoa. I can share my secrets with him and not worry about him blurting them out. Since I sleep with Cocoa, I can sleep in peace. (or is that because I have a pillow over my head?) Once I was telling Cocoa something, he was quiet about it, but I wasn't and Chase burst in and said, "Really?".

Next Cocoa is one of a kind. He's the only Cocoa I've ever known. He isn't fuzzy or fluffy. Cocoa lost all the stuffing in his neck, and he's old.

Lastly Cocoa is always obedient. If I tell him to sit, he's already sitting. If Mom tells us to be quiet, he already is. If I throw him high into the air by one foot and tell him to do a cartwheel in midair, he'll do it.

All in all, there are many reasons Cocoa is important to me: he is quiet, one of a kind, and always obedient. That is why I love Cocoa.

The End

P.S. Cocoa is my stuffed bunny!


Nicole said...

I think there are some loud days when I could use a quiet Cocoa...

Anonymous said...

Emily, that was very sweet. I am glad you love Cocoa.
Tucson Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Emily Cocoa is very lucky that you love him and take care of him, he brings out the best in you.

Love you tons and tons,
Grandma D

sallie said...

Emily, I think Heavenly Father has given you a very special gift with your beautiful stories and wonderful way of expressing yourself through writing. Writing will be a treasure for you forever if you let it. Sometimes when we have a special gift or talent-it comes so naturally to us-we don't even realize how special we are or that it is a gift. It's so easy-we think everyone can do it. But, you are special-and your writing is a gift. I hope you find pleasure in it for your life-I know I think it's a pleasure reading what you write. I love you, Sweetie