Friday, November 27, 2009


This is ROTC Land. My Dad after retiring from the Army in 1994 took a job as the JROTC instructor for Flowing Wells High School in Tucson, Arizona. Since he started all those years ago the program has grown into a nationally known, award winning, record breaking success. He loves it and his Cadets love him.

And lucky for us he has lots of cool stuff! It seams like every year he adds something new and awsome. It is like Disney Land Army style. So we call it ROTC land. This November we had a great time hanging out with Grandpa!

Some of Grandpa's cadets can finish this grueling course "ranger style" in less than a minute! It took Chase 1:40! AIR RIFLES : TAGET PRACTICE!
Grandpa's shooters have taken many national awards I think they are in the top five in the Nation! ROCK WALL CLIMB
Everyone had a great time doing this except Kate! She prefered looking for treasure in the dirt and collecting them in her shoes!
I wish I knew how many feet we were up in the air. You can tell though from the perspective of the pictures that we were up really high! All I had to do was bribe the kids with $5 and they did it even though poor little Emily was scared to death. I think I took several years off of poor Grandpa's life having him repelle my kids!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out great!!! What a fun time and so much courage.