Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grandma's Are The Best!

It seems like the very moment Grandma Wilcox came for a visit the girls we on hands and needs begging for sessions playing nail salon. We are painting nails more and more frequently at our house. The girls are always asking. And I am usually saying "maybe", which Kate has already astutely discovered means no. So having some fresh grown-ups was a big boon to the girls in their quest for every day beautification. Grandma even went the extra mile and applied tiny gems to their freshly painted nails. That is no small task on wiggly girls with tiny fingernails.

Emily and Katie have never asked to paint my nails. Grandma's are more queenly, and so apparently Dee Dee was deserving of her own beauty sessions with our resident nail fashion artistas. Each girl got there own hand. A few minutes later Grandma's nails were transformed into works of art. The girls (especially Kate) had painstakingly painted a flower, complete with stem and leaves, on each finger.

Grandma was the perfect patron. She sported flowers on her nails her whole trip. She even got a special compliment at the grocery store. Art Grandmas the very best!


Andrea said...

what a cool grandma! We got to see her nails too! Great job girls!

Anonymous said...

What budding artist you have!

Nicole said...

Wow- I should have had them do mine!