Monday, February 22, 2010


I know I have been incredibly cruel to those of you who would like to see what our new house is like. There has been so much work to do. And I didn't want to put pictures up until I was happy with where things were at.

Dave thinks I am afraid you all won't like the house. Even worse he says that I must have some weird issue of being ashamed of it. Like I built it all up to sound awesome and it really isn't. I tell him he is crazy. I LOVE my house! But I guess the argument will continue until I finally post pictures.

We still have so many projects that we want to conquer / finish in the house. But now with the arrival of the greatest weather ever in a February we have shifted gears to working outdoors.

Everyday I walk through the house and sigh to myself with pure "house happiness". I finally have the kind of home I've always dreamed about settling down in. I must admit, I never thought I would chose a "ski lodge" style house, but it speaks to me. I feel so privileged to live in this little piece of heaven. So if you think it is totally weird and that we are crazy...that's OK. We'll figure everything out (like how to hang Christmas lights) with time. I can totally see myself as a Grandma in this house. Until we are 80 and can't maintain it and then like the owners before us start dreaming of moving to Arizona. (Hopefully never!!!)

The main floor:

Sara's Closet-
The girl;s room-
Chase's room-The upstairs loft / library-The Basement-

Not pictures- bathrooms and the sunroom


Andrea said...

I love it! Such a cool house!! The rooms looks great! You've done an awesome job. Love the ceilings!

Sarah said...

Your house is very cool and HUGE! I love the decor and it looks perfect for you guys!! Glad you finally posted pics!

Anonymous said...

I have been dying for pictures, no wonder you totally love the house it is awesome,.....
The wood is my favorite and those great windows, want to trade???

Heather said...

It looks wonderful! SO glad to finally see it. ;-)

Jamie C. said...

Are you kidding me Jenn? I LOVE your house. I have always wanted my kids to have rooms with slanted ceilings. It just seems like a magical thing full of character to have a ceiling that isn't straight. Lucky, lucky kids!

The Roberts' Report said...

The house is great Jenn. So streamlined and cozy. Love it!! Great pick!!

Familia Bethers said...

WE LOVE IT!!! I'm coming to visit! It has an A-frame/mid-century modern vibe to it and that is TOTALLY up my alley. I just showed John the pics, and needles to say, we are both jealous ... BUT SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!!

RCurtis said...

Wow! Great house! I can see why you like it so much and why it "speaks" to you. Looks like it's out of a magazine! Congratulations! Love it!

Kath said...

What a great house!