Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shooting with Dad

My dad and I went shooting with the Warmoths and shot some stuff from home. When we got there we had to load all the guns. It took a while because there where so many guns. After that we started to put everything up. We had all sorts of things, 2 teddy bears, 4 oranges, 2 jugs of colored water, 1 baby doll, a paper clown head, a dinosaur, a spray paint can, 2 clay targets, a snowman in a bottle, a TV, and the grand finally a keyboard.

We had tons of guns and I worked my way up, I started with the 22 caliber handgun, then the 9 mil. handgun, then the 45 caliber handgun, 45 caliber rifle, to the big shotgun!

My favorite was the 22 caliber handgun because it didn't have a big kick. The shot gun would have been my favorite other than the fact that it had a huge kick. One time when I was shooting my Dad's rifle it kicked me in the face. It hurt a lot at first. I thought I had broke my jaw. Apparently my Dad did to.

The best explosion was when we shot the jug filled with blue water. Brother Warmoth shot it with my Dad's rifle and it blew up. So badly that the whole bottom of the jug wasn't even there anymore. There were blue puddles everywhere.

The second best explosion was when we shot an orange. My Dad shot it with his rifle and it disintegrated. One piece even flew like 50 feet away, it almost hit Brother Warmoth - he thought it was a rock.

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Anonymous said...

I have never really understood boys, but hey I am really glad you had fun and some quality time with Dad, love you tons.
Grandma D