Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Somebody Has A Crush On ??????

DISCLAIMER- So in order to protect a certain child from utter humiliation and a life filled with constant ridicule from his/her peers. This post will not mention any names or provide any clues to gender.

One of my children has a secret admirer. I suppose it's not a secret admirer since they left a name on their Valentine gift, but a serious admirer none the less. At school during my child's Valentine party, cards and candy were passed around the room. This mystery person received a box of chocolates and a teddy bear carrying a rose. No one else in the room got any gifts even close to the grandness of this child's gift.

He / she thought to themselves, "Oh my gosh, this is humiliating!" It was right in front of everyone else when the admirer gave the gift. They said in a loud voice, "Will you be my Valentine?" My child grabbed the gifts, thanked the admirer and stuffed the teddy bear in their backpack.

Then nothing was ever said at home...until the next morning. I woke up and found the teddy bear sitting on the kitchen table. I asked one of my children where it came from and he/she said ______ got it from someone in his/her class and they didn't give one to anyone else! We have had a lot of fun teasing mercilessly. The mystery child has been a very good sport. I just can't believe someone has a crush on my offspring!

PS Chase says, HE never had a party! He also says Emma never had a party either!

PSS I have a very good feeling that said teddy bear nick named "THE LOVE PUPPY" is going with Dad on the next trip to the shooting range!


Anonymous said...

Somebody is growing up!! Oh no!!
But I love him still the same.
Grandma D

Spencer and Audrey said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Just waiting for the day when it's my kids'!

Anonymous said...

Try to keep them tied up, so they don't grow up so very fast!