Friday, September 13, 2013

Emily - 2013

Favorite food - My Mom's chocolate pomegranate cake
Favorite show or movie - Beauty and the Beast
Favorite book - The Little Princess
Best part about school - My Social Studies Teacher
Coolest person on Earth - Aunt Liz
I am really good at - Being A Friend
Favorite color - Green
I would really like to visit - Italy
My favorite place - Our Trampoline
When I grow up I want to be - A Photographer
If I could do anything all day - I would hang out with my friends
I hate to eat - Squash
My best friends are - Rachel, Jessy, Fawnie, Eliza and Kaitlyn
3 Words about me - Fun, Happy and Bright
This year I want to - Visit California
If I could be any animal I would be - A cat, (they're fun, do what they want, soft, love to play and get loves)
Favorite thing to do - Spend time with friends and family
If I could make three wishes they would be - The world's best, loaded with cool features tree house, to fly, to have a magic wand that would clean my room
If you could meet anyone from history who would it be and why - Captain Moroni, because he was such a great leader

What I know about Emily:
Emily is the very best big sister a girl could ever hope to have.  She is so tender and sweet with Kate and Sara.  Even with the age gap and the differences in maturity and interests Emily still loves to play with her sisters.  She will play fairies with them and dances around the yard.  She invites them into her tiny room for sleep overs.  They are best buddies and it is all because of her.  I LOVE her for that.

She has a beautiful spirit.  Everyone always notices it.  I hear from people all the time that they absolutely love there.  There is just a lovely spirit about her.  She cares about people and so they love her.  She is always there with a hug and a smile.

Emily is the truest of friends.

Her zest for life is a necessity in our home.

My Thoughts for this year:
I worry that Emily will feel pressure at school to "Grow Up" too quickly.  She is at a hard age and a hard place where girls are all to ready to pack up their childhood and be women.  I hope that she stays true to herself and finds friends that will treasure their youth.

I hope that she will continue to become more responsible and a good helper for me in the home and with her school work.

I hope that she always remembers that we love her.  That she is daughter of God.  That we are proud of her.  And that she continues to work on strengthening her testimony so that when temptations come she can shew them away.

I hope that this year her confidence will continue to blossom.  I know that she can do whatever she wants to do.  I just want her to see that too.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful young women! Emily is the big sister that every girl should have. She truly is a wonderful free spirit caught in a beautiful body of our Heavenly Father. I can see her as the High School Student Body President!

Anonymous said...

To this day I remember the excitement your mom had for her first little girl, you have been a ray of sunshine in all of our lives, I trust you, and know you to be full of love and caring, don't you dare change a thing...
Grandma D