Friday, September 13, 2013

Kate -2013

Favorite food - Potatoes
Favorite show / movie - Anastasia
Favorite book - The Candy Shop Wars
Best part about school - Art projects
Coolest person on Earth - My Dad
I am really good at - Art
Favorite color - blue green
A place I would like to visit - Maine
My favorite place - Being on the trampoline 
When I grow up I want to be - Be an artist
If I could do one thing all day long - I would play with Emma
I hate to eat - Onions
My best friend is - Vivian and Margaret
3 words about me - Happy, artistic, and an animal lover
This year I want to - Make my Mom happy
If I could be any animal I would be - A cat (the jump high, they're beautiful and they are mysterious)
If I could make 3 wishes they would be - To visit Papo in Heaven, to make friends with whoever I want, to be able to play with Emma whenever I want to
If I could meet anyone from history it would be - Jesus Christ, so I could feel his love
My favorite thing to do is - Jump on the trampoline

What I know about Kate:
She is the most tender hearted person I have ever met.  She has an ability to love and feel deeply.  She feels everything a thousand fold more deeply than anyone I know.  I want to protect her from ever feel sad or lonely.  Sometime I worry that her bleeding heart will just give up one day.

Kate is my most introverted child.  She is quiet and pensive.  While I love that she is who she is I wish she could be a little more out-going sometimes.  Her more adult personalty makes it hard for her to make friends.  And that makes me sad.  All those giddy girls at school are missing out.  I HATE that my angel feels lonely.  I need to start praying every day for the right girl to come along to be her special friend.

Kate is an artist and she is a perfectionist.  She has so much talent wrapped up in that little body.  I hope that this year her talents will grow and that she will learn to give up on the perfectionist part just enough for her talent and hobby to really make her happy.

My thoughts for this year:
I want to help Kate feel like she is loved enough at home that nothing else matters.  I need to step it up a notch.

I desperately want her to make some friends.  Every girl needs a best friend. I love that Emily is just that for her, but it would be really awesome for her to get close with a girl from school.

I need to right a wrong.  Kate feels like I love her less.  You know how your kids get into a phase that drives you bonkers.  Kate is in that place.  She is so contrary and disagreeable that she makes me crazy.  But somehow I am treating her in a way where she feels like I love her less.  She came up to me the other day asking what it was about when she was a baby that made me love her so.  It made me cry that evening.  I need to fix that ASAP.  We need to find a way to be friends again.  I would like to spend more time with Kate and strengthen our relationship.  Sometimes as a parent we take it for granted that our kids know we love them.  I need to stop assuming that she knows and shower her with enough love that there is no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Kate is the love giver! It warms me so, every time she tells me that she loves me. Her creativity is in a world of its' own. My, how I love her art!

Anonymous said...

You know how much you have a very special place in your old grandma's heart, you are a loving girl. I am amazed by your talents, but the most important talent is your kindness for others, and yes, animals, you were so cute looking for animals on your last visit with Grandma and I think of you often and know that you have so blessed our little family.

Grandma D

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