Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tooth Shenanigans

Today both Kate and Sara spent the better part of the once home from school in tears because their loose teeth hurt.  I don't remember being bothered by loose teeth.  But Kate, every time she has a loose tooth it brings her to tears.  It is crazy.  Sara has had two loose teeth forever but the adult teeth are growing in behind them and they weren't making any progress.  Today (probably because her sister was having a meltdown) Sara became unable to eat.  Whining kids sure can take a lot out of a mom.  After an hour of being constantly on call and trying to keep the impatient Mom Monster at bay I phoned in the professionals.  

The conversations went something like this:

Me - The girls have been crying all afternoon about their teeth.  Can you bring home your stuff and pull them out?
Dave - Are you serious?
Me - Very...
Dave - Are the girls OK with that?
Me - Girls do you want Dad to pull your teeth out so they don't hurt anymore?  crossing my fingers
Me - Girls say yes.
Dave - OK

Not three minutes went by and the girls were crying about the idea of Dad pulling their teeth.  I bribed them with ice cream.

Pulling teeth went pretty well.  The girls were really upset and nervous, but who wouldn't be.  Then we went out for ice cream and everything magically was forgotten and instantly better.  Year for no more whining about loose teeth.
 Kate wrote a letter asking the tooth fairy to draw a picture of her self.  (which she has done before)  This is what she got.  It is shocking.  Dreams of lovely fairy cuteness - shattered.  I was downstairs when I heard her yell out, "The Tooth Fairy is HIDEOUS!"  I would have to agree.  She followed up with a comment about how it is kind of creepy to think of this hideous but generous creature flying around our house at night.  Again I have to agree.
Then she saw there was a note inside...

 Pretty tricky that tooth fairy!


Anonymous said...

You have more than one artist in the family. The Tooth Fairy did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Funny for sure, Sara you look precious with that tooth missing, and Kate congrats on being so brave.
Grandma D.

Nicole said...

Ha ha

Nicole said...

Ahh, here the picture is. I was looking for it a while ago...

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