Friday, September 13, 2013

Sara - 2013

Favorite food - Beef Jerky
Favorite show / movie - Phineas and Ferb
Favorite book - Bob Books 
Best part about school - That I get to see lots of people and music class
Coolest person on Earth - Taylor Swift
I am really good at - making friends
Favorite color - Turquoise and red
A place I would like to visit - Texas (to see Olaia)
My favorite place - Red Robin Restaurant
When I grow up I want to - Have a pet store
If I could do one thing all day long it would be - Snuggling my Mom
I hate to eat - Tomatoes
My best friend - Olaia Del Solar
3 words that describe me - Dancer, Singer, love dolls
This year I want to - To play faeries lots
What animal would you like to be - Horse (I could eat lots of apples and carrots, I could run fast, my mom could ride me)
If I could make three wishes I would wish to - Be a Winter Fairy, Olaia would move back here, to be a famous singer)
If I could meet anyone from history it would be - Taylor Swift, she is cool and she is a nice singer
My favorite thing to do - Go to school

What I know about Sara:
Sara is a spaz.  What would life be like without or little bonus baby.  She makes us all laugh.  She is 100 % about having fun and enjoying the moment.  She is spontaneous and outrageous.

Sara has a fashion sense that cracks me up.  She loves to layer.  Her favorite outfit usually consists of leggings and a skirt.

She still cracks me up with the crazy things she says.  Like the fact that her "bangs are winning" refering to the fact that they are super long because we are growing them out.

Sara is smart as a whip.  She has an amazing memory and learns things quickly and easily.

My thoughts for Sara this year:
I want Sara to love and enjoy school.  I hope that she will just eat it up and love every minute.  Already I have started to read and she has amazed me with how quickly she is learning.

I hope Sara will make a new best friend this year.  She is deeply feeling the move of her best friend Olaia, as evident in many of her survey responses.

I hope Sara will learn to be a better helper at home.  She is definitely old enough to start pitching in more around the house and to be a better helper.  I baby her too much.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get more hugs from Sara! You would be the perfect helper to babysit all my fish when I am away. Never lose your love for all things beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love you to the max! When I think of you I think of your eyes, they are windows to your beautiful soul, so sweet and so alive...You do give great hugs and snuggles, and I hope you have a wonderful year at school.
Grandma D

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