Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Years Younger

Not that Emily needed to look 10 years younger at all. But what she did need was some style intervention. And most of all to not have her hair in her face all day long. Since she doesn't put her hair up in pony tails anymore a new "do" was a total necessity.

After trying a few normal people kind of hair salons. I took Emily to the "posh" people hair salon. Gene Juarez I just knew would solve all of our problems. Well Gene, whoever he or she is, can't take any of the credit. But my new favorite stylist, Lydia can. I told her Emily's eyes were too pretty to never be seen. All of the longer, model type, bangs that we had tried just made the hair in the face problem worse. So she gave straight across little girl bangs. I told Emily who had a bit of trepidation about "little girl" bangs that they are high fashion these days. All the cool models have them and even some of the most stylish total rad and cool people in our ward do. That was all it took.

She loves them. I found her in the bathroom this morning combing them over and over again. Just before she left for school she ran upstairs one last time to brush her hair. She is so excited to show Dad that she made me swear to keep the hair cut a secret.

Anyway, I think she looks even more beautiful then she already did...if that's possible;-)


The Seaquist Family said...

She looks so grown up! I always feel that every time I give the boys a hair cut I age them. Emily's bangs have turned her into a teenager. She is just adorable! Way to go Emily (and Jen)!

Stephanie Saunders said...

They're adorable! I'm sure if I tried to pull off the little-girl bangs, I'd probably look like I hadn't even went through puberty.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, when I scrolled down and saw this photo I thought I was looking at an angel. Emily you are so cute and a lovely young woman and when I look at you I see all that is good in the world, please stay sweet and loveable as you are. You are so special to me.
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Okay so I've looked at the precious picture of Emily alot aready this morning, love to see it. I need my fix for a cute little Katie and handsome Chase shot. Feed the Grandma.

Nicole said...

Oh so pretty- and just in time for her fun dance! She looks absolutely great!

Kath said...

She looks so grown up! She is beautiful as always.

RuSty and LaLa said...

I almost didn't recognize her! I think she actually looks more grown up with her little girl bangs.