Saturday, February 28, 2009

Future Dentist

February was dental awareness month. So we focused on it a bit at preschool. Kate got to go on a field trip to a pediatric dental office (talk about great free publicity). Then she got to have her Daddy come to school to teach her and all of her friends how to take care of their teeth. Dave and I did a little puppet show about losing teeth and the tooth fairy. Then he taught the kids how to brush and floss. All the kids swished with Inspector Hector (plaque detector) and then looked in the mirror to see where they missed cleaning. It was good fun. Ms. Laurel had a great pretend play station set up where the kids, especially Kate, loved playing "dentist" all morning long!


Nicole said...

Sounds like a lot of fun- and fun to brag about daddy.

Anonymous said...

It looks like tons of fun, but only one problem, Katie can't ever be a dentist, as who could ever cover up (with a mask) that oh so cute face.
Grandma D