Friday, February 13, 2009

Losing Sleep

I think this is the first time in my life that I am having job related stress. OK, so I haven't had a "job" for most of my life...but still. Not being able to sleep is not a usual problem for me. I am actually physically sick (you know, knot in the stomach kind of sick).

I went to a committee meeting last night for our stake cub scout day camp. Everything was great. Really on the ball sounding people with totally cool ideas that I know are going to make this camp really awesome. Then we started talking about money. One ward representative said her parents have spoken up and refuse (get that..refuse...what the heck) to pay anymore than $25 dollars for camp.

We paid $80 for camp last year when we went to the Boy Scout run day camp (that was totally horrible, no organization and lame skills and crafts...only BB shooting and archery saved it). We decided as a stake to do our own thing this year to save bucks and have a cooler operation. But going from $80 to $25 is quite a stretch. Don't people understand that it takes revenue to to create quality sometimes? My recommendation was that we ask for $40. That is 1/2 of the expense from last year. And if the scouts have their fundraiser (which they will all do) then even if they only brought in pennies...the wards could pay half and parents could pay $20. Totally reasonable and affordable for the opportunity to send your boy to a three day camp (we are talking 8:30-4:00!!!!). I came up against a stone wall.

Already some of the great ideas people had put forward will have to be thrown out the window because $25 a boy is not going to provide us a very realistic budget. That comes to $1600 "ish". Maybe that number deceived some of the good folk at the table. I know it won't go far. It's not even $10 a day per kid!!!!

I think I actually need to be set apart this Sunday. I am going to need the Lord to bless me with more patience and long suffering. I have had my blood pressure rise too much in my 1 1/2 short months of trying to do this calling.

UGGGG! Sometimes quality is worth paying for people...and no one is asking anyone to blow your saving...


Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny,
I feel you pain. Really all you can do is to keep trying and help others to come to your vision. You have great ideas and sometimes change is just darn hard for people. Someday they will know that their children are the most provide the most value in their lives, and the most happiness. Keep trucking someone needs to be on high ground to reach out and pull others up.

Love ya

Stephanie Westhoff said...

Maybe the $25 limit mom was expecting another camp like last year's and didn't feel like forking out the dough for more of the same. I'm sure if she had your vision for camp this year she'd totally be on board! You're doing a great job in Primary, by the way! Keep going, you can do it. And if you ever need a breather, just give me call. I'd be happy towatch your kiddos, even Sara (she's such a cutie!).

Stephanie Westhoff said...
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