Friday, February 13, 2009

Clifford Visits The Wilcox Home

In preschool somebody new gets to take Clifford home every week. This week it was my turn. I was really happy! I was so excited to play with him. He had a special box. Inside the box was a note for from him, his favorite book and a journal for me write about Clifford and our adventures.
When I got we watched cartoons together. He like it a lot. care Bears is his favorite movie. I don't like Care Bears anymore but it was OK that Clifford liked it.
I made a special bed for him. I tucked him in so he could sleep. We played some more when he woke up. I liked teaching him tricks and feeding him treats. His best trick was sitting. He was a good dog.
I wrote in Clifford's journal all by myself. Mom helped me make the words but I did all the letters. It was hard work. I miss him and love him!


Anonymous said...

How fun that you got to take Clifford home,my goodness what a great job you did on your note. You are growing up so fast and doing so good at your writting. I love you tons and miss you.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

You don't like CareBears anymore? Poor Becca- she's left in the dust...

Andrea said...

you have such big girl writing. Are you in first grade? So fun to take Clifford home with you and so nice of you to let him watch care bears even though you don't like them anymore. A sign of a true friend.

Karin said...

I'm so glad you love your preschool. You get to do such fun things. Also, it looks like you took such great care of Clifford and wrote such a well-written note. I'm very impressed!

RuSty and LaLa said...

Katie, you did an awesome job writing in your journal. I can't believe it. Are you like 7 years old or something? Good work!

Cathy said...

Emma's pre-k class revolves around Clifford, too. They get to take home T-bone and it is the biggest joy of joy for those kids. I can totally relate to Katie's cute post. Love it!