Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chase's Four Leaf Clover - A Saint Patrick's Day Story

The story was that we were in Fern Canyon, California on our way to moving to Washington the first time. We decided to take a hike. I remember talking to my Mom and Dad about finding clovers. Mom told me about four leaf leaf clovers and how they were lucky. I started looking for one. The day went on with me finding millions of three leaf clovers. Everyone decided to take a break and eat some blackberries that we found in a meadow. Emily and I decided that there wasn't enough blackberries for the two of us on the bush that Dad found. So we started looking for our own bush. When we found one we also saw a little trail. The family decided to take the trail together. The trail was almost over and I found a really big patch of clovers. I started looking again for one. Right when Mom said, "Come on Chase, don't be a slow poke" I found a four leaf clover.

I ran up shouting to Mom and Dad, "Mom...I found one, I found one!" But they didn't believe me. I ran up and showed them. That's how I found my four leaf clover.

I think it has brought me lots of good luck.

When we got to Washington my Mom framed it for me. It has been in my bedroom on my nightstand ever since.

The End -Chase


Anonymous said...

You are such a good hunter. With that eagle eye you have no wonder you found one. And I am happy it brought you good luck. I may not have a four leaf clover like you but I sure got lucky the day you were born.
Love you
Grandma D

Familia Bethers said...

I want to cry! This is exactly how I picture Chase STILL!!! I know, I know ... I see from picture's you post that he has grown and changed, but this is the Chase that will forever be in my head!

By the way, love the new background. Glad you checked it out :) Now you'll just have to show me the signature thing!

Nicole said...

Oh- how sweet and what a great thing to have framed it.

shelly said...

I love that story. Chase, you are one lucky boy!