Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do You Think They Would Want Us Back?

A few weeks ago we took the family down to some spying on wards we might possibly move into. We have already been to the Lacamas ward and now we can add the Hockinson ward to the list.

The funniest thing happened though in sacrament meeting and I am not so sure the poor members of this ward would be happy to see us come back.

As it happens we are in a ward right now with dozens of babies and toddlers. And the din during sacrament meeting is equal to a low roar. So we didn't really have any idea how load our own little Sara was. Her own noises are masked the many others.

It was very apparent though in this ward, where I am pretty sure she was the ONLY baby!
We were sitting as quietly as a family of four with a toddler sitting on the very back row can sit. They young men were passing the Sacrament and Sara started getting squirrelly. In an effort to keep her in our laps we pulled a book out of her diaper bag. It is her favorite, Dear Zoo. She immediately let lose with a roar. And then roared, and roared every time I turned a page. Even the poor little puppy roared. Emily started giggling. I was trying really hard not to giggle. But Emily got progressively loader and loader. I finally told her to control it or leave. She clasped her mouth trying her best. Then Dave looked over at me, I nearly lost it, he started busting up and then Emily ran out of the Chapel. What a scene! We were the zoo.

We were much more comfortable the next Sunday in our own ward with a bazillion other babies to mask the noises of little Sara.


Andrea said...

We always imagine our children being louder than anyone else's kids. I'm sure it wasn't that bad. She is so adorable! It wouldn't have bothered me.Poor Emily though. I think I would have had to leave as well.

Jennifer said...

No really, no exageration, you could have heard a pin drop in the chaple and she was I stress LOUD!

Nicole said...

My ward used to be quiet with only 90 year old widows in it- now it is a little more "typical." But I am sure we still stick out. But we're not as creative as your family- I think tomorrow we are going to roar.

Anonymous said...

How funny, cute little Emily.
grandma D

RuSty and LaLa said...

Its the wilcox way. Our whole row would be shaking in church because of something that happened. Sallie was usually the ring leader.