Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspired By Lisa Again!

What I am doing: catch-up on blog
What I’m proud of today: dave for trying
What I’m thinking about: creating clever answers
Who is home: me, kate and sara
Plans tonight: dinner with judy
My weekend was: relaxing thank goodness
What’s for dinner: judy's taco salad
Feelings about love: can't get enough
Feelings about life: sometimes real hard
What I need: chocolate, love, sleep
What I want: stuff, sleep, peace
What I have: stuff, stress, kids
My pet peeve: pillows on floor
My guilty pleasure: shopping on line
What you don’t know about me: struggling with faith
What I can hear: kids coming home
What I can smell: my stinky cat
My style: I need one
My hairdo: same since birth
My outfit: jeans, t-shirt, pj's
My mood: up, down, all-around
The weather today: chilly, blue skies
Thoughts on parenting: worth it all
Thoughts on marriage: best thing ever
Thoughts on politics: just real scared
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: I don't care
Thoughts on beauty: wish I was
Thoughts on sleep: always love to
Thoughts on writing: love to blog
My favorite appliance: does computer count
My favorite car: my honda odyssy
My favorite splurge: clothes, chocolate, camera
My favorite beauty secret: wish I knew
My favorite treat: brownies from Downey
My favorite everyday pleasure: surfing the net
Ten years ago: surviving arizona heat
Five years ago: new to military
One year ago: cuddling baby sara
One year from now: own dental practice
Five years from now: last kid, school
Ten years from now: out of debt
I’m famous for: planning, persistence, creativity
I’ll never be famous for: neatness, orderliness, scheduled
Who I am: sarcastic, honest, real
Who I hope to be: better all around
What I’m thankful for: family, nature, friends


Lisa said...

Fun to read your answers, Jen. And way to go for jumping off the high dive with your camera equipment. There is so much to learn and totally not enough time (for me anyway...) Good luck!

Sarah said...

You are so cute! My favorite answers are "brownies from Downey", "up, down, all-around" and "creating clever answers." I agree with you being famous for your creativity (amongst many other things!)

Melissa said...

Those were great Jenny. A fun read, my clever cousin!

Familia Bethers said...

Loved this! I think you answered pretty honestly and I could really see you in all your answers! Awesome!