Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aliens Have Landed

We had Aliens at our house this last week. Fortunately they were well behaved. You never know with extra terrestrials!

I asked Kate a month ago what kind of celebration she wanted to have for her birthday. When she asked for an Alien party I was - not just a little - surprised! I was so happy to have something fun to work with. Dave and I painted planets and hung them from the ceiling. I ordered 50 black balloons to turn the dining room into deep space. We strung twinkly lights along the ceiling to create our own milky way, and hung 30 feet of star fabric on our walls. With the windows blacked out, black lights blazing and some funky alien music going in the background we did the coolest decorating job ever!

And then there was the cake. Kate wanted a rocket. I had so much fun. I love to make birthday cakes. She was the happiest member of the family for days after seeing my completed master piece. Of course everyone wanted the rocket. But since Kate was, after all, the birthday girl it was all hers. I made green jello jigglers and cut up cubes of jello and put it in their sprite to make alien drinks! They loved sucking the jello up through their straws. It was all good fun.

So what did we do for fun? First we had to get in the spirit by making masks. Then we danced. We did lots of dancing. I tried to get the girls into a funky groove. We tried all sorts of crazy alien dances. They even danced with hula hoop space ships. Then we posed in the weirdest alien poses they could muster. We played Galactic asteroid toss. And when on a secret alien mission to collect very important space artifacts.

Everyone went home with some space slime, stickers and glow bracelets. Hopefully everyone went home with an outer space high (at least a sugar high).

Happy Birthday my spunky monkey.


Heather said...
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Heather said...
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Heather said...

We've gotten lots of use out of the space slime. What a great party!

Heather said...

Sorry. I guess I got a little clicker-happy and posted my comment three times.
....but it was a great party!

Anonymous said...

Kate is sure lucky to have such a fun and creative Mom.

Andrea said...

what a great party! Lucky girl!

Nicole said...

Oh- how fun! Aliens are a great idea!