Wednesday, June 3, 2009


No names will be used in this story in order to protect the secret identity of this little super natural girl. We wouldn't want all the villains of the world trying to steal her away to sneak out and consume the world's candy supply.

This little girl that I know loves candy. She knows where it is in every store she goes to. Even if she has never been there before. It's like she has a sixth sense, or super powers. That's got to be it. This little Bit must have super human smell. And that scense of smell is specifically trained at detecting sweets.

One day we were at a Chevron filling up gas on our way down to California and I came out from taking a potty break to hear this little candy-holic squealing with delight. As I came around the corner this is what I saw. There she was running up and down the candy isle filling her arms with treats. I couldn't help but think she was acting as if she we on some game show. You know like the people they used to stick in the "money machine" and you would watch them frantically grab for bills.

She really wanted one of those nerds rope things. I helped her buy the Dots. They were gone in minutes. I don't know how she ate them so fast. I thought I would find them all spilled out all over the car. Nope...she ate them minutes.

When she is at home she goes to the pantry, points to the door and goes uhnn. I think that means she wants something. So I open the door, and we play this game. I point to things she might like or can have and she goes uh-uh. I think that means no. So then we go to the fridge. Nothing in there looks good either.

I have a secret stash though that I try to hide from her. But if I get something yummy out, even if she is way upstairs. She knows. It's that super smell power she has. She tummy surfs down the steps in no time. Then she is standing there below me pulling at my shirt. I think she is developing another super power. It rarely expresses itself in humans. It is way more common for puppies to develop the super power of "puppy eye". But this little girl...her eyes are so big and pretty. And she is an expert at letting them get all filled up with tears.

She gets what she wants. But someday I think I'm going to have to sign her up for candy-holics anonymous.


Nicole said...

Oh- she looks so cute and hard to resist. Jessie always asks how old she has to be to have her own secret stash of candy. I tell her when she is 20.

Sarah said...

Sign me up for 'Candyholics Anonymous' too.

And i love the 'tummy surfing'--I can just see it! =)

Anonymous said...

This made my day, what a cutie, and so sweet. Thanks for the uplift.

Heather said...

That is the funniest picture!

Stephanie Saunders said...

Oh, she is such a doll!

RuSty and LaLa said...

It must be the youngest wilcox girl. I too had this, as I now how come to except, problem. As she gets older, every penny she earns will be spent on candy. SHe will have so much candy that she will start hiding it in secret places. As her power weakens (it does that with age) she lose track of her candy. Years later the next generation will find her stashes and everyone will be mad at her when their children come out with loads of candy from 10 years ago.
I think her powers are the strongest I've seen. This could be trouble.

blaire said...

too funny! too cute!

Andrea said...

That cracks me up. I can't believe how obsessed she is. The picture tells it all. She is the cutest thing ever. I can just picture those puppy eyes she makes at you. Hard to resist, but it could also be her secret weapon for those teenage years. Yikes!

Sara said...

I just love how cute and how much fun your little Sara is. I think we can all relate to her excitement for candy...mine with chocolate of course.

sallie said...

I think she gets it from the Wilcox gene. If Sara was only going for the chocolate-we could blame Jenny-but she just wants the sugar...that is clearly Wilcox. Grandpa, Sus and Sallie-perhaps some other closet sugar babies-but, it makes us very sweet!