Monday, June 1, 2009

Kate's Last Day Of Preschool

Katie is done with preschool. Another baby all grown up. Funny how I was so excited at the thought that she would be my last one at home and that soon I would have tons of free time while all my kids were at school. Now I am so thankful that I have Sara to keep me company. I will miss Kate when she heads off to Kindergarten this Fall.

We have really enjoyed Kate's Co-op preschool. I volunteered in her class about three times a month and got to have lots of learning fun with her. We enjoyed a field trip every month. Kate loved all of the science experiments she got to do. Ms. Laurel was a fantastic teacher.

I think Kate's favorite part was that her class was right across the hall from Emily's class. She got to see her at school three times a week. And really feels like Chloe Clark is her school too.

Congratulations Sunshine!


Anonymous said...

Good Job Katie!
You will love first grade so much........... So many fun things to do.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

I want to go on a field trip each month...

And yes, I bet she will love KINDERGARTEN :)