Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chase Runs the Seattle Kids Marathon

So, many of you know that we have finally found an athletic venue that Chase really enjoys. He is a runner. It all started last year with the beginning of the track club at his elementary school Chloe Clark. Some genius Mom started it all by giving the kids a laminated ticket that they got punched every time they ran a lap around the playground. Soon kids had run enough laps to have run a marathon. Then came the 75 mile marker and the 100 miles. In four short months Chase and about 5 other friends had run the 100 miles and were still running. I was amazed at his willingness to spend his recesses running and his persistence in doing it. Remember, we live in Washington. Winter and spring do offer us much nice weather. (we're talking rain and snow here) This current school year he and his friends were off to a great start again. Then we transferred schools and Chase and his friend Hunter no longer had the track club program. A huge lose. Chase says that it is the thing he misses most. Fortunately a few weeks ago he and Hunter were able to join other Chloe Clark kids after school for its newly formed track club. They have designed shirts with their own logo and practice pacing themselves, endurance and other running techniques. We jumped at the chance to sign Chase up for the Seattle marathon when the school sent home the information. He ran 25 miles on his own before hand and then ran with 3000+ other children to complete his last mile through the Seattle center. We saw some of his fellow running classmates there as well. Here he is pictured running with his friend Hunter and Hunter's brother Levi. He also had to read 39 chapters in his Harry Potter book and do 26 good deeds. We are really proud of him. You should see his legs. Man does he have muscles on his legs. Not an ounce of fat!


Jamie C. said...

That last picture is awesome! Fun pose!

The Seaquist Family said...

Don't you just love it when you find your child's "calling" when it comes to sports. I love it that Chase likes running so much. My theory with running is that I run when I am chased. :) The track club sure has made runners out of several children at tha school. So great!