Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Super Great Dad

It's no small wonder that kids love their Dads so much. How can they not? Dads are so cool. Dave has done "chicken theatre" with our kids since they were itty bitty. They absolutely love it. Most of the time it is reserved for our camping trips but every once in a while they get a special in-home show. The puppet theatre goes up, the kids get cozy in their blankets and in minutes they've been whisked away into the mesmerizing world of shadow puppet chickens. Dave is so great with voices and super hilarious skits. Even the dog wanted in on the action last night (preferring to try to eat the puppet shadows instead of watching). They quote the show for weeks afterwards. Sometimes I'll walk in to find Emily and Kate trying to recreate one of Dad's most recent skits. On these extra special magical nights I just get to sit back and enjoy the laughter of my children and fall in love all over again with the sweet man that I married.


Jamie C. said...

What great pictures...just like a scene at a movie theatre. That is really a sweet thing to do.

Fisher Family said...

what a fun thing to do. Dads are great fun! Perfect you captured that moment.

Jamie said...

I love your fall wreath! Such a great idea. The puppet theater is very cool, Jason does puppets and lots of funny voices too, I love it! You are almost finished with your pregnancy! I hope you are still feeling good!