Thursday, November 1, 2007

Seven things I'm forced to say about myself (thanks April)

April, I can't beleive you did this to me! (

1. List the link to your tagger (like I did with April), and also post the following rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some wierd, etc.
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Here's my Seven:

1. I have a low self-esteem while being very self-confident. Is that possible? I wonder? I never really doubt my abilities to do something and I'm usually ready to try something new (except food). But when it comes to what I think about myself I'm not where I should be. First, I think i'm not nice. I see the examples of other friends and I'm always thinking I wish I could be as giving and charitable as them. But when it comes down to it I'm selfish and grumpy. Mostly though i think I'm not very attractive. So, when I get a "you look great" compliment it goes a million miles. I've always been surprised that I fit in OK with the pretty, well dressed totally put together crowd. I definitly should be an outcast. i can't think of a single one of my friends that aren't totally pretty. A few are gorgeous. All dress like they're models for Nordstroms, Ann Taylor or some other nice store. There hair always looks great, most wear make-up everyday and they just always look fabulous. Then there is me. I prefer my pajamas, make-up on Sundays if you're all lucky and hair hardly ever gets done. I think I would be better about all those things if I thought it could help. But like I said I don't think God gave me much to work with. That's OK though because I have the confidence to pull me through. Weird combination huh? Thank goodness Dave somehow was attracted to me!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I wish I were a prima ballerina. I wish I had never stopped dancing. It is in my blood. I hear music and I feel my body start to move. Every Christmas I take the girls to see the Nutcracker ballet. I pretend that I do it for them. It is totally for me. I feel like doing pirouettes all the way to the car afterwards. I have ballet dreams and I would love to take ballroom with Dave. In heaven some of Gods angles will sing...I will dance!

3. I love to sleep. Dave thinks I have a disorder. I can easily sleep 2/3 of a day away. Today I woke up at 11:30 and I'm ready for bed now at 9:00. Naps are great but I can't power nap. I prefer the 2 to 3 hour variety. I would even come home from high school and take a nap. It's not just a "your a mom and getting old thing".

4. I might be the world's pickiest eater. Not my Mom's fault for she. We ate very well rounded means and always had to eat our veggies. However, I hate every veggitable except tomatoes if I have some good mozzwerella to go with it. I get nervous going over to peoples houses to eat that don't know me well. One of the best things about being a newly wed for sure was that when Dave and I would go over to my parents house to eat every Sunday i didn't have to eat my veggies anymore (pour sisters). I'm getting better though. Mexican food is now on the list of edibles as well as some fish.

5. I love country music. Most of the times I find the lyrics to a song very inspriing. I love that country music so often tells a story. Thank goodness Kate isn't really into music. It means I get to listen to the radio whenever we go out to do errands.

6. I really love a good game! We have tons and tons of games on shelves in our garage. I love all kinds. We play with a few families right now and it just makes me happy to have "game" friends. We love to hang out with our really good friends and play (Settlers of Catan mostly). One week we played nine times. We're crazy but it is so much fun. I have bought three new games in the last two weeks. All games that friends have introduced to us. I can't wait until our kids are old enough to play some of them with us.

7. I asked Dave for help on what to write for this last one and right away he said, "your a chronicler". I laughed because I don't really think abou myself like that. I love to write and recieve letters and packages from friends and family. I love, love, love the blog atmosphere and wish so much that more of my family and Dave's would get on board. I keep the family scrapbooks, the kids journals, every letter or not Dave has every written to me, notes that Emily write to me and leaves on my pillow. I love to hear stories about my parents and grandparents and of corse have them write them down. I've recorded storied told by my grandfather and grandmother. I love family history past and present. A few months ago I started a family package for the Wilcox family. We each get the packeage, add or own things about how we're doing or things we want to share and then mail it on to the next family. They get to look over the contents and add their and mail it on. I'm so excited to get it back on day. Come to think about it my patriarchal blessing saiys that I would collect and share the good stories. I always thought i would have to write a book. Maybe all I have to do is collect and share. Anyway...on the flip side of being a chronicler I get very hurt when letters go unresponded, packages unacknowldged or when there is a lack of excitement and participation in my try to keep everyone connected adventures. Too bad, but true.

PS I love it when Dave or the kids play with my hair. Which doesn't happen very often because it's curly and just one big snarl!

So there it is. Seven things everyone probablly already knew about me, and or didn't really care to know :-)

Sorry everyone...April says it's the rules and it'll be neat to see what you write.
I'm sparing Jamie only because her sister just did something similar to her.


That's all I can do...I don't know any other bloggers:-)


The Seaquist Family said...

I love it Jen! You are so honest. But be warned - there will be payback! :)

Lisa said...

Jen, I love to hear all this. It's fun to get to know your friends better. I'll get around to writing my TAG blog one of these days! Glad you love blogging as much as I do!

Jamie C. said...

Fun read! Thanks for sparing me more embarrassment by not tagging me too. I think I've pretty much confessed all I should to still have friends! And I don't think you give yourself enough're funny, talent, and about the cutest bowling ball I've ever seen! :)

The Roberts' Report said...

Ok, so I totally already knew those things about you. See you really haven't changed since H.S. LOL!!! Gosh I can't wait to keep tabs with you through blogs. I LOVE the whole blog thing too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!