Thursday, November 1, 2007



Halloween was awesome! It didn't rain hallelujah! I just love that Chloe Clark (the kids elementary school) still celebrates Halloween. This year instead of watching on the sidelines we joined in on the parade. Emily was so sweet and walked with Katie the entire time. I kept falling behind. So sad, I can't even keep up with second graders. We took Chase out of his class at his new school and his old class welcomed him back like a celebrity. It is always such a good feeling to see your children being accepted with such a warm welcome. After the parade the kids headed off to their classes for their class parties. They had a good time of course. Naturally when we atarted talking plans for the evening everyone wanted to go trick-or-treating with their friends. We had to make some crazy arrangements that almost all worked out. We started the night off walking with or friends the Phillips family. They were Katie's choice. Poor thing though. She could hardly keep up with her friend Vivian. Kate was just so content to stroll from house to house. I had to constantly make sure we weren't leaving her behind. Next we hooked up with Chase's friend. I should say the kids and Dave did, I went home to pass out candy. (so tired!) Chase and Hunter were the two best looking Harry Potter's out there. We never were able to hook up with Emily's friend Sophie. That was a bummer but we had her good friend Katie (pioneer costume) with us the whole time so things were good. I gave out a whole cauldron full of candy only to have the kids come home and fill it all back up to the top again. I think it is all a secret plan to get me to explode. Katie woke up this morning and said, "can we go trick-or-treating again tonight!" No way hose! Mom needs a break! Now the kids have three days to gorge themselves on candy to their hearts desire before the candy fairy comes to take it all away. (surprisingly the kids actually look forward to her visit. She leaves them a prize and it's all good) Hope you all had a great Holiday too. Can't wait to see all your cute kids in their costumes!


Kathryn said...

Your kids look darling! I hardly recognize Chase with his dark hair! I also love to see the beautiful fall colors. We only have smoke and fire here in CA.

Lisa said...

The kids look adorable... and I too am missing those leaves! Love all the pictures.

Dad said...

Wow, they must have had fun. Did Chase choose Potter on his own?