Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Turkey Bowl Scheme did this tradition ever get started? I wonder in amazement every Thanksgiving holiday that all the men take off for fun and games and make it back right in time for a feast their wives and mothers have been slaving away on all morning long. Which group of crazy wives ever let their husbands off the hook in the first place? It's all their fault. Then Dad's come home, eat their fill and then repose pleasantly fattened on the couch to nurse their full tummies and bumps and bruises. Then moms and wives clean up and finally at some point get to begin enjoy the day themselves talking most likely will the guys watch football this time to wasted to play anymore.

OK so I didn't mind at all this year since we were invited to a friends for the feast and I did very little cooking and no cleaning up (I'm sorry for being a slacker!) I wonder if Dave stayed home to do the cooking I probably wouldn't let him near the kitchen even if he wanted to help. So I guess maybe that's how it all got its beginning...a bunch of wives plotting for ways to get their hubbies out of the house so they could cook in piece and talk,talk and talk some more!

So men...go and be men! Score those touch downs!

Seriously...I just wanted to try out my telephoto lens!


Jamie C. said...

Fun pictures. Did you get a new camera, or are you still "testing"? These pictures look great! I'm glad you had a good THanksgiving!

Lisa said...

Chris is bummed he missed our ward's turkey bowl since I delivered the day before. Oh well. Guys do love their football!

The Wilhelm Family said...

Can't believe you were out there taking pictures of those crazy guys...I would love copies.