Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ball and Strawberry

This last week Ball and Strawberry joined our family. Who are Ball and Strawberry???? They are Katie's new babies. Ever since we told them i was pregnant kate has been expecting. At first it was just a baby girl. It wasn't long though before there was a little boy on the way too. She created Ball to make Chase happy I think. When I was sick, Kate's babies were making her sick. When my tummy hurt front stretching so did hers. When our baby kicked so did Ball and Strawberry. She even experienced cravings (who wouldn't when Mom is always buying peanut M and M's!)

Dave and I decided to go along with the whole fantasy. We bought her a set of twins to give to her when she visited me at the hospital.

Funny thing is though that once I had the baby and she came to the hospital and saw all the IV's, vital checks and lab work being done she wasn't too anxious to have Ball and Strawberry. We gave her the dolls in hopes that they would help her learn to be gentle and to be a good helper. She has played with them a little but it's much more fun now to play with the real thing!


Lisa said...

So cute Jen! Katie is adorable with her little babies. What a fun thing to do for her!

Jamie C. said...

Jen that is so cute! I love that she carried all the same pregnancy symptons. Ironic! What a cute thing for her to remember going through! Sara is so so cute! I love what you wrote about her, and even more, I love that she is a good baby!