Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trimming the Tree

The tree is trimmed! We took advantage of some free time on Sunday to put up the lights and decorations. I wanted the tree to be done before the baby came. The kids always have such a good time decorating and I love to sit back and watch and take pictures of course. First Dad puts up the lights and then I set out all the ornaments on the kitchen table (I have a few special glass ones that I put up after they've done the kid friendly ones). The kids then get to put them up wherever they want. Sometimes we have to tell them that a certain spot is full (because there are 20 ornaments all right on top of each other). They are getting more artistic about it. It used to be that they would put all of the ornament of one type all right next to each other. Of course they all three wanted to put decorations up as high as possible. There were a few times I thought a kid and the tree might come toppling down. We try not to put too many near the bottom of the tree so that Zeke (the dog) doesn't knock them all off with his tail. I love that we have so many cute touchable ornaments. The kids love looking for the ones with their names on them and putting them up in special places. Thanks Grandma Wilcox for the awesome ornaments every year. Our family sure does love them!!! Don't you think the kids look so festive in their Christmas pajamas?


AMB said...

Beautiful children in their matching PJ's, decorating a beautiful tree!

Lisa said...

Cute pjs Jen. You and I are thinking the same this year. My emily has the nightgown and Megan and Katie have the pj version. You'll see them on my blog soon!