Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Visits the House!

Santa drove by in his firetruck this evening. It was all I could do to run upstairs, pull Katie out of the bath and throw a towel around her...so no camera to take pictures with. The kids were all upstairs and I was decompressing on the couch watching TV when I heard Christmas music and very slow flashing lights. Chase and Emily were quick to get out the door. I ran back in the house to the sound of Katie screaming, "I'm going to miss it!"

Every year Santa makes his rounds through the neighborhood visiting the children and handing out candy canes. It is such a neat tradition and the kids always look forward to having Santa visit their house while they're awake!

Just one of many great reasons to love our little city.


The Seaquist Family said...

How did I miss that? We missed him last year too. I do love that about DuPont. So fun that your kids went running! I love that.

Jamie C. said...

You are so lucky your kids were in the bath when Santa came. Mine were already in bed and I ran to get Gabs up, but she was already asleep. It was kinda late by the time they got over here. I'm glad your kids got to see him though. I do love this fun activity in DuPont.