Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saying goodbye to Grandma DeWitt

I've had my Mom here for the last week to help out. She is amazing. Every Mom deserves a Mother like mine after having a baby. She made us breakfast every morning (no cereal for a week is it possible????). She was up every morning getting the kids off to school. My house was cleaned every day. We had a gourmet dinner every night. I had a fantastic shopping buddy, naps whenever I wanted one and someone to hold and love Sara whenever I needed a break! I need to have a baby every month!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids of course loved having her here. They fought over who would get to sleep with her every night. This morning I got up to get everyone ready to drop Grandma off at the airport and all three kids were sleeping with her in her room. So Sweet.

Katie came in while I was nursing Sara and this was our conversation:

-Grandma says I'm going to go home with her
me But you can't leave, you have to stay with me
-But Grandma said
me But I love you so much and who will be my helper
-I'll come back
me But Sara will miss you
-By Sara (she kisses her on the head)
me Katie, you can't go home with Grandma
-Two days
me No, not two days
-One day
me Sweetheart I couldn't live without your kisses
-But I'll come home when the other Grandma comes
me Katie you have to stay with our family
-(she runs into Grandma's room) Grandma, mom says I can't go home with you
Grandma talks to Katie about going to the airport with her...
-(running into my room with her eyes full of tears) But I'll be right back Mom
me How will you come home on an airplane all by yourself?
-Mom...the other Grandma will be there!

It broke my heart...we love you Grandma...thanks for all you help and love!!!!!!!


The Seaquist Family said...

I think your Mom is super Mom. I should have known...the apple didn't fall far from the tree. So glad you had the best time. You may have gotten a little spoiled. Could there be a better time to be spoiled.

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Kate, I sure do miss Kate, dreamed about her last night and I love and miss those little arms around my neck. You are some lucky girl to have such beautiful and talented and loveable children.