Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jen's masterpiece almost complete :-)

For January you build the snowman.
February has valentines to read.

March you put the kites on their strings.
April you open up to put the tree,clouds and sun in place.
The ribbons also come off on one end to practice put the rainbow in the correct color order.

May you snap the flowers in place.
June there are wing parts to make two butterflies or mix and match them.

July in a picnic basket that opens up to two pockets holding a place serving, tablecloth, napkin, drink and food to put on the plate.
August you can barraid the sunbeams and open the sun to see yourself in the mirror.

September you match the leaves to their puzzle outlines.
October the pumpkin is a pocket that holds parts to create several different Jack-O-Lantern faces.

November you put all the turkey feathers on.
December the present is a pocket that holds four finger puppets to play with.

I started working on this quiet book for Katie late summer with three other girl friends. It has been lots of fun and definitely a lot of work. Last night I finished sewing on the binding. Now I just have to put in eyelets and make the cover. I am so proud of it. Anyway...I know it really belongs on my show and tell blog but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it (pride comes before the fall I know...I'll probably screw up the cover so bad it'll be a joke!) Hopefully Katie will love to play with it.


Fisher Family said...

Jennifer..your quiet book turned out awesome. I wish I could buy one..because I am so craft challenged. More so than that, being able to focus on a project to get it complete. Nice work...I'm sure Katie will love it.

So Lost And Found said...

Jennifer, That quiet book is so darling! I am very impressed (I still haven't finished the book I started with you many years ago...)!