Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dress-up Kareoke

So I am really late getting pictures of our last date-night up. Sorry if you've been waiting on pins and needles. Can you guess who we are? I was Gwen Stefani and Dave was Flea (the guitarist for Red Hot Chilli Peppers). It was way too fun to dress up and sing like nut jobs! Our friends went all out too. I think my favorite was Cyndi Lauper...can you believe the crowd we hang out with?!?!?!? Lessons learned:

A: I can't stand red lipstick. I had lipstick smears on my shirt, hair and of course you could always tell which soda can was mine. Plus I was terrified to kiss Dave and it was a date night after all.
B: Don't let Dave anywhere near a tattoo parlor!

C: Singing in public can be fun, IF you and your friends are all intoxicated with soda and silliness!


Familia Bethers said...

You guys ROCK!!! You always know how to knock yourselves out when it comes to dress up! Looks like you had a blast!

Daniel said...

Great costumes! Last night was great fun. Thanks for making time for us all during your "business trip"!

Fisher Family said...

Great creative. Glad you got the red eye out! Your costumes rocked!

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys look HOT! You must have pretty cool friends:)

sixlayerdip said...

Hey Gwen!

Didn't you know red lipstick is SO IN? :) What a fun night! Can I be your friend?