Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Concert

Emily had her Spring concert tonight. All the second grades sang four songs for us before turning it over to the third graders to play their recorders. She was so excited to sing for us. I think she was most excited about wearing the dress she has on. It is one of my old dresses. I think one of the best days of her life was when we got a box from my Mom with all of my old dresses in it. She had a little fashion show for us. This one was her favorite and she has worn it almost every Sunday since. Ms. Engquist her teacher was sitting next to us and said, "So this is the dress I've been hearing about all week!" Can you believe I wore such fancy frocks?????

Back to the important stuff....
Emily did a wonderful job. She knew all the songs and really had fun singing them. If you look close at the picture you will see some of her friends. Sophie Crawford is standing right next to her on the right. You can also see Brienna Shelton off to the left and up a row.

I have always loved Emily's voice. Watching her tonight reminded me of two other times. In kindergarten she sang a song (Moon, Moon, Moon) with her Grandpa Wilcox accompaning her on his guitar. It was precious. She also recorded a CD with her favorite songs for Dad while he was away in Egypt. It was the best Father's day present ever. I will have to dig up pics and stuff to post on the blog.



The Seaquist Family said...

I love that your Mom kept your dresses and that Emily loves them so much. You were WAY in style. Is that Gunnie Sax? Our last trip to Utah I tried to get my Mom to get rid of my old dresses (including the ones I made - yes I was that cool) and she refused. Now I'm so glad. It never occurred to me that Ava might have some fun with them. Yeah for Moms! And what a cute daughter you have!

Fisher Family said...

looks like you have front row seats. I love how excited Emily gets before the song start. So cute.

Cathy said...

I can't believe you have your old dresses, and it's in beautiful condition! Very neat that Emily thinks they're so cool. What a cutie.