Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fashion Show and a Play

Emily, Katie and her friends Katilyn treated us to a wonderful Saturday afternoon. The girls have been begging me to get out the box of my old dresses again so that they could have a fashion show. They had so much fun. Who would have ever thought that my children would love my clothes. I think they are so outrageous and gaudy now. But boy when I was a kid they were the coolest. I always felt so fashionable. I can't believe ever ever picked out metallic purple taffeta for my Mom to make a dress with! Shocking!!!!! Who ever came up with union suits should be shot. That was the meanest thing my Mom could have possibly done to us. They were our Christmas PJ's one year. You know required wardrobe!!!!

Dave and I were also treated to a very well planned puppet show. They sent us invitations. Set up the stage and seating area. Advertised. Created their own puppets. Wrote their own play and even held dress rehearsals. It was very cute. A very nice Saturday.


Cathy said...

The puppet show sounds awesome! You've got the cutest kids. I love their imaginations.

Anonymous said...

Emily looks darling in those dresses! She is such the little model!