Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Carebear

This is our Katie bear. After her birthday last year Katie suddenly fell out of love with Dora the Explorer and head over heels into Care Bears. She reminds me so much of Chase. He too is totally immersed in one thing at a time. Blocks then Bionicles then Pokemon. Both them are totally infatuated with whatever phase they are in and most the time it lasts quite a while. But them when something else comes along they forget all about their previous love and move on. So Poor Dora has been totally forgotten and Care Bears are still the new thing.
She loves to play pretend. When she can talk her siblings into playing or happens to have a friend over most of the time she wants to play Care Bears. Our family has suddenly become responsible for the depletion of rain forests around the world. Kate and her playmates go through tremendous amounts of paper and tape as they make care bear stares (their tummy symbols). All tummy symbols must be cut out and stuck to tummies. Katie soon discovered that naked tummies work best. Tape just sticks better to skin!
My favorite thing about watching her play is when she and her buddies all stick out their tummies and yell, "Care Bear Stare!" Chase is usually willing to be the bad go (No Heart or Beastly) and they are always trying to stop his evil ways or convert him to goodness.
What I don't love is the amount of paper scraps constantly all over the floor! But for no it's cute enough to put up with.
The photo is of Kate as "fruit bear" not her usual choice but she just looked so cute I had to take a picture! Notice the apples, bananas and strawberries?


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! My parent used to call me Blaire Bear--that's so amazing! I was infatuated with them too. My sister and I would watch the movies together at least once a week. I'll even admit to watching it now as an adult:) It's just one of the best cartoons ever; how could I resist?!

Cathy said...

What a cute phase! Sounds like she really knows how to bring it to life, too.

Anonymous said...

That's my little #3 granddaughter. Can't wait to see her.
Tucson Grandpa

Fisher Family said...

So cute..I love how you say you feel like they are depleting the rainforest, I feel like that here too. Such a great imagination Kate has.