Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kate's Alphabet

So I have to totally brag about my genious little daughter. She is so smart. We have been participating in a little friend pre-school group since the begining of the year and she really loves it. Kate had gone nuts over letters (which she still calls numbers). Everywhere we go she points out letters that she knows. She pretends to be letters. Her favorite is the letter "H". She always wants me to be her Mommy "H". It is so fun. We bought her the letter and word factory DVDs from Leap Frog. They are now her favorites. Last week I was at the store by birthday presents for her many friends and she spotted a "word wammer" (a toy also by leap frog that helps children put three letter words together). She carried it arround with her the whole time begging for me to buy it. Of course I gave in. Dave was playing with her at church on Sunday and wrote some three letter words down to see if she could read them. He said she got about 1/2 of them right. I hadn't even started teaching her how to read yet. I guess it's time! I sat down with her two weeks ago to give her a little letter test. I wanted to see if she could write them all and tell me their sounds. She shocked me. She knew all her letter sounds. She could write all her letters excpet that Z and J are backwards. She also still needs help making her R, P and X look more like they are supposed to. I am so proud of my little letter lover!


Lisa said...

Way to go Kate! I need to get those Leap Frog DVD's out for Megan. They really help!

Cathy said...

Good job Katie! Emma loves those Leap Frog DVD's and it taught her all her letter sounds at a time when I wasn't even thinking of teaching them to her!
I've been wondering about the word whammer...glad to know it's cool! I might invest in it now. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

You are so smart! Most kids your age can hardly hold a pencil!